Glazing Upgrade

Thinking of home improvements?
Upgrade your windows with Energy Saving Low-E Double Glazed Units.

"Of all the components in a building, it is through the windows that most heat is lost. This is because glass allows heat to escape more readily than most other building materials"
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland 


If your window frames are in good condition and you don't want to replace them then why not just upgrade the glass to a more energy efficient low-E glass. Low-emissivity glass is a type of energy-efficient glass designed to prevent heat escaping through your windows to the cold outdoors. Low-e glass such as Pilkington K Glass™ has a coating which dramatically reduces heat transfer and reflects interior heat back into your room and can achieve a U-value of 0.5W/(m2.K). This can improve U-values significantly at a cheaper cost rather than a full window replacement.

The lower the U-value the better the product is at reducing heat loss and will significantly improve the comfort of your home through elimination of cold window surfaces and associated downdraughts and condensation. 

Crescent Windows & Doors offers a range of low-e energy-efficient double or triple glazing to suit every type of property, from a modern home to an older traditional styled home.


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What our customers think...

Thanks Crescent Windows and doors....just got a fantastic new porch door ...very pleased with the work...I would highly recommend Stephen for quality and service. 

Pauline Byrne, Ashbourne
31 Jul 2017